What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
Source: Porsche.com
Source: Porsche.com

It starts at $103,150. I decided to see how much I could get it too with with options I would want. With typical Porsche outrageous option prices of course outlined here to highlight just how crazy they are

  • First option I choose was $750 bucks for Jet Black Metallic.
  • 20' in Carrera Sport wheels $1,370
  • Leather Interior in Black with Carrera T Interior Package, Contrasts in Racing Yellow for $3,480. This required adding The Carrera T Interior package which is another $3,190 on top of the $3,480. Total $6,670. Whats bogus about this is that it adds nothing of importance or value. It adds door handle pulls, seat trim and stitching on the armrest and dash as well in yellow ( other colors options are red and gray)
  • Full bucket sports seats are $5,200. If you want to add those you have to add $910 for an Alcantara wheel and shift lever for the PDK or manual gearbox. I added it for the PDK, which then requires that you add the PDK trans for $3,730. Total $9,840
  • I added LED Headlights in Black with Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus for $3,540. Nearly 4 grand for fancy turning headlights that are LED’s
  • Tinted taillights for $660
  • Porsche entry and drive, which according to the description on the site is: Vehicle locking, unlocking and engine start without active use of the key. System comprises cabin and external antennas as well as proximity sensors in the door handles and in the front end. Why they couldn’t simplify it and say keyless entry is beyond me. But thats $1,100
  • Power folding mirrors for $330
  • Electric tilt and slide glass sunroof for $2 grand
  • A sport design package that includes a unique front and rear facia for $4,500
  • Power steering plus for $280 which pretty much gives better maneuverability at lower speeds
  • Front axle lift system for $2,590. This is just an adjustable suspension and can compensate for the sport design package that could scrape on things like driveways and speed bumps
  • Rear steering for $2,090
  • Carbon ceramic brakes $8,520
  • Sport Chrono package for $320. Adds the stopwatch and driving mode buttons for the wheel
  • Adaptive cruise control for $2,490
  • Lane change assist for $850
  • Light design package for $510 which just adds a bunch of LED interior lights
  • Painted air vents ( you get to choose your color that can match the exterior). I choose it in yellow to go with the seats. Just for that $1,720
  • Same yellow but for the speedo, $860
  • Leather key pouch, $530
  • To get the Sport Chrono watch in the same yellow color, $420
  • Aluminium pedals and footrest, $630
  • Burmester high end audio system for a whopping $5,300

Lastly since I’m in Socal, I opted for the LA delivery experience at the new Porsche center for $450. Grand total? $161,440 with an eye watering $58,290 in options. There’s a damn Macan in options price wise. And that’s not even all the options. The amount of things you could get covered in leather was crazy. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Porsche is insane with their option prices because they know buyers will pay. That’s how you end up with $500 seat belts.

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