According to the Science Channel's new show: How It's Made: Dream Cars, yes, the new 991 has a V6 not, H6. Shocking ins't it?

I caught this little mistake while watching the first episode of the new show, after having to endure them miss-pronounce Porsche. It drove me nuts that kept saying it like Porsch not PorschUH.

Above is roughly where I had to do a double take and rewind it to see if heard them actually call it a V6.

I decided to let this go. But then, they had a new episode on the Rolls Royce Phanton, and reffered to it as a supercar and a sports car, but not one focused on handling. Some of you may disagree, but holy shit the Phanton is NOT a supercar. And I really hope no one agrees that it's a sports car, unless you stumbled onto this article by accident while doing some research on buying your next sports car, a Honda CRZ.


I do not wholly condemn the Science Channel and the show because it is still cool seeing how these cars are made, but if your going to make a show about cars, hire someone that actually knows something about the cars your featuring.