The Porschelump has been parked since it broke in several spectacular ways during its last race. So, we looked in the cylinders this weekend with a borescope to discover that there wasn’t any major damage we could see and fired it up. The engine still runs!


I don’t want drive it anywhere yet because it still needs a head gasket, a new fuel filler neck that isn’t horrifically leaky and a clutch, but it starts!

The only signs of trouble on the top of the cylinders were some burnt coolant deposits. Oops. That head gasket needs doing and I just can’t afford the parts with everything on hold right now, so ouch.


It still started up on its first try after all the spark plugs were re-seated! The parsh is good.

Moderator, OppositeLock. Former Staff Writer, Jalopnik. 1984 "Porschelump" 944 race car, 1971 Volkswagen 411 race car, 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS.

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