So, I got the car home today. $800 gets me a turnkey, solid running example of a mid-luxury car, plus an extra set of near brand new tires. So, what I have noticed is the following: There is a crack near the power window switch on the passenger side, where the wood grain is cracked. There's a storage compartment above the radio, that needs a screw, and some of the nearby trim is cracked there as well. The trim around the radio has some wear, that looks pretty bad, but it's no big deal. Needs a new muffler. Idle is a little high sometimes. It usually idles around 750rpm, but when I first started it, it was idling at 1,200 or so. There are so many different controls that I need to get used to. All the lights work, but the headlamps are all yellowed. Turn signals are good. No warning lights whatsoever on the car. Engine and transmission are definitely solid.

The rear power sunshade seems to be broken, but that's no big deal. CD player works very well. Front windows are one-touch up/down, and work very quickly and smoothly. Seat memory setting is good, if a little confusing to set. Driver gets manual lumbar support, but none for passenger. Sunroof is one touch open and close as well, tilts and slides. Title is clear, we're the third owners of the vehicle.

Basically though, everything is overall in very good shape, mechanically and cosmetically. Keep in mind, this car is 300 miles shy of hitting 250,000, and for everything to work without a fuss, and for the engine to start right up without missing a beat, it's all very impressive. I got some extra fluids for the car, just in case, but I have seen no leaks. I do need new wipers for it though. In the next few weeks, it's going to be going through an extremely strict Maryland inspection, and if it passes that, then I am going to be very pleased.

Stay tuned for a full Oppo review once I get the car tagged and insured over the next couple days, get some gas in it, and I will let you know the ins and outs of it!