Tell me true tell me why was my wallet crucified

Is it for this that your bank account died?

Was it for you? was it me?

Did I rip too many skids

Is that a hint of accusation in your eyes

If the Krauts could build a car worth a damn

My bank would like me a whole lot more

And it can’t be much fun for them

Under der bundesflagge

With all their cars constantly breaking down

What have we done, Bangle what have we done

What have we done to this car

Should we shout should we scream

What happened to the German dream?

Oh Bangle, Bangle what have we do?

But either way I am growing tired of the 330 not being a manual (I had a friend properly teach me how to drive stick and I am hooked) and with aging plastics and coolant systems dragging on me financially I have decided to go for a Volvo C30 R-Design as soon as I can find one that fits the budget and give my car to my sister in about a years time.