After a mere 2.5 months of ownership, the powah scootah was stolen last night. First time I ever forgot to lock it and it gets stolen. I spent hours on that thing, trying to bring her back to decent condition. Fuck. Me.

There are few words to describe the frustration and impotent rage that one feels when something like this happens. I have absolutely zero chance of recovering her, as she isn’t really even registered to me in the first place, and she is probably in another province by now. Not to mention the fact that it was most likely stolen by someone that parks right next to me and just took advantage of the fact that I didn’t lock her up. All I can do is weep and wail and gnash my teeth. Here is a picture of her from better times


Our stint together was short, but sweet. Really wish I had time to finish that paint job. I am absolutely, positively broke, so until I get some work, I will be taking the bus. Titties.