Some backstory: last week some marketing folks for Nissan came to my work to offer free test drives and push a special $10k promo (on top of $10k federal and state incentives) for the 2017 Leaf which they’re doing mainly to clear inventory I’ve heard - makes sense. I did a test drive just to experience an EV, got a $10 gift card for it, and didn’t think much about it (besides the fact that it accelerates stupidly smoothly). Honestly, the main thing going for it as a car for me is that at least it’s a hatchback. If it were a 3-door or even just a subcompact 5-door, I woulda been more tempted.

Fast forward a few days and my over curiosity takes over and I find it that, until the end of the month, Nissan is also offering another $4k off as well as 0% financing for 6 years. All said and done, we’re talking $24k off a brand new Leaf that goes for about $34k originally (mid tier).


So now I’m very seriously considering getting this new Leaf as a second commuter so that my 02 Cooper S (with an ever increasing 156k miles and ever decreasing value) can actually be used for more fun driving - and to keep me sane if I owned a silent 107 hp manual transmission-less Leaf.

I saw myself getting an EV eventually, but this/these offer(s) just sprang up and I can’t help but think how crazy they are and how much practicality there is in going for it - having a cheap and reliable commuter for quite a few years to come and not worry about my Mini as much. I too never thought I’d consider a brand new car, but with the bonus incentives, depreciation isn’t even a legitimate issue.


I’m guessing many Oppo parents and others fully engrossed in adulting have had similar dilemmas where you have to look past your inner gearhead and just go with the (perhaps too) rational decision. Anybody at least have good words for the Leaf...?

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