*The preliminary F150 review by someone who doesn't care for trucks.

We’ve addressed my moral objections to trucks in other posts, but I can’t play the foreigner card anymore, cus this is a Small Town, USA and here the truck sort of makes sense.

This small town actually has a ridiculous amount of space for trucks, and even if half of a lane is covered with a snowbank, parking one isn’t a pain in the ass.


But I must admit I got this F150 because it had 4WD, chains and snow rated tires, which I will be needing tomorrow and on the weekend. It’s a pain in the ass because most rental car agencies don’t let you use snow chains. But Turo is different, in the sense that it’s up to the owner to allow people or not.

Anyway, the F150 behaves impecably in the snow: you could drive on RWD and still be safer than most Subbies I saw around here. BUT, since I’m not in the mood to defrost my suitcase or tether my board to the bed, I won’t be using the bed; which is the signature feature of the F150.

That brings us to the problem of the F150: it’s got a great engine, it’s got a great transmission, it pulls a lot harder than it should, and it is well equipped, but many people can’t find an applicable purpose to the signature feature: That Bed.


Other small annoyances make themselves present in the F150, specifically the XLT six seat model I got.

This vehicle makes an absolute racket on the road; it is very hard to drive this vehicle comfortably in the rain due to all of the road noise and all of the noise from the rain impacting that gigantic roof.

It’s a lie that trucks drive almost as well as cars,

Maybe it’s only me, but it also doesn’t feel very well planted to the road; while the 2.7 engine is gonna pull you up to 107mph (which apparently is the speed at which everyone drives on I5) the soft suspension and super tall ride mean that if there’s so much as a pothole-let alone a kid- on the road you’re going to have a very serious problem.


This and the very shitty hallogens made it for a relatively harrowing exploratory drive up US50 where I, the Truck Guy was being overtaken by Mazda 3s in the heavy rain and eventual snow.

The ride though is OK; and the seats are good enough. Ford’s infotainment system is also great at casting AppleCarPlay.


The AWD system is very good, but in some situations it’s flaunted by corners, which is also a pain in the ass if you need to drive up snow-covered driveways.


So, if I lived in this crazy town, would I get one? Probably not. You see, a well matted Jeep Grand Cherokee would manage 85% of the situations many F150s are subjected to. If I was really serious about it a 4Runner would even make sense. Sure I lose The Bed, but I win so much more stability, luxury, parking versatility, and better lights.... also no taktaktak.


But it ignores the fact that the F150 is a few thousand dollars cheaper than the cheapest one of those cars.... Which means most people would get the F150 and get the extra 15% of capabilities while paying less. Do they care about space? fuck no, a parking stand here must be the same size as an aparment in many cities.

This teaches us about built-in inneficiencies, where due to market conditions consumers chose worse solutions to their problems because those worse solutions are cheaper.


So, Ford F150; being kept alive by economics, or am I just still too stuburn and dumb to understand it even under the ideal test conditions?

*This excludes you crazy towers who do need those monstrous body on frame trucks.

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