Let's say one day you were on a jog and you decide to run off the beaten path for a change of pace. As you run along you come to an abounded barn in the woods. You glimpse inside and there it is. A 1930's Mercedes Benz. But you're not sure what specific car it is or who owns it. Curiosity overcomes sensibility and you have to find out what car is sitting in the neglected barn. You open the door and after a little research you realize you discovered a Mercedes Benz 770k once owned by Adolf Hitler.

Hitler of course needs no introduction he was one of the cruelest and most hated men ever to walk the earth. What would you do with your discovery? You just stumbled across one of the most significant automotive and historical discoveries of the 21st century. A car like this could be worth millions of dollars. A car like this is worth millions of dollars actually. Most Nazi memorable however is shunned and burned or kept away from the public because the objects are simply to radical to display in a museum. Some of the cars from the era are valued at multiple millions of dollars, but should they be? Or should they have been burned or used for target practice. Just think this 770k pictured above could have been is Auschwitz during the Holocaust. Hitler could have personally given the orders to bomb London from the seat of this car. A Mercedes Benz 770k is an extremely important and dark part of our cultures history.

For the record the 770k pictured above was at Pebble Beach. At a certain time in history the car was indeed owned by Hitler. The cars that have passed through his hands have sold for higher prices than any other car in the world at certain points in history.


What draws people to these pieces of history? Most of the cars early lives they were under the ownership of people who did unspeakable horror to our world. So why hasn't that tainted the collectibility of these cars? As a history major I understand certain objects from history need to be kept. They are part of our collective culture of better or for worse. But Hitler's cars. A murder who killed millions of people once sat in some of these Mercedes 770's. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that any individual would want to own one of these cars.


What would you do? If you found the next barn find Hitler car do you buy it and restore it, use it as target practice the next time you go to the gun range, or something less extreme and just donate to a museum? I know I personally wouldn't spend millions to keep it in my private collection like this Russian billionaire did: