Last year in my many threads about the tale of selling my ‘74 Buick Apollo, one of which is here, I took a fair bit of (good-natured) crap about selling such a cool car. I did it anyways, and I don’t regret it one bit.

Our own MontegoMan562 is now going through much the same thing as he embarks on selling his Montego (what will his name be in the post-Montego era?) to make room for a rallycross car.

A lot of you seem puzzled by our similar decisions. I think I can explain it to you. Both of our classics were/are good looking driver-caliber cars. Classics like these are good at precisely two things: Looking cool, and sounding cool. That’s it.

They handle terribly. I could best describe the handling of my Apollo by saying, “It handles like a bag of ball bearings.” They’re slow, they’re hot, the brakes are terrible, the list goes on.

The problem with cars like these, is they’re really only good at cruising. They don’t handle well enough to autocross, they’re too nice to rallycross (and would suck at that too), they’re no fun to take a long trip in, they can’t win a car show (not that that would be any fun anyways). All they can do is cruise.


Cruising is fun for like, the first month or two. After that, it’s freaking BOOOOOOOORING!!!!

I sold that Apollo, bought a beater Roadmaster for 1/4 of the price, and have far more fun pounding the ever-loving snot out of it, than I ever did cruising around in the Apollo. Sometime in the next six month I’ll move on from the Roadmaster, and get something else to beat on. Variety is the spice of life.

Driving is fun, racing is funerer, cruising is the smooth jazz of car enthusiasm. I’m glad I owned the Apollo, but I have not spent one millisecond regretting selling it. Life is too short to spend it cruising.