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The problem with Moe

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Hello there, Brian1321 you know, from jalopnik here,

I am here the address the recent infestation of Moes. That includes Waymoe, Raphmoe, Moenica, Margin Of Error, et al. These obvious parody/joke accounts began posting and all was fine. People joked back, it was all jovial (with some wtf thrown in for good measure) and everything seemed ok.


But then the complaints started. People were unhappy with the sheer volume of Moe characters. They didnt like that the posts started to get weirder, more direct in their insults, and downright dumb. One particular comment stood out, quoted from JBH

Disappointed that this normally truthful and friendly community has to put up with it.


This is not a knock on JBH, he has feelings and he has a right to express them. This is a knock on the perception that the Moes have anything to do with the corruption and evisceration of a "once great community." This community lives and dies by the collective group, not the odd ramblings of a few novelty accounts.

No one has to put up with anything they don't want to. I dont click on Torchinsky's random bullshit, I dont read Raphaels whatever you can call that, I dont read the Admin emails about people posting with red font instead of blue and how we should go about handling it. Do not blame the Moes for any issues you have with the forum. Blame yourself, for we are the ones who have a much higher impact on the day to day relationships and interactions of the members than 4 accounts who post a few times a week.


I say embrace the Moe. Look at them as more of a palette cleanser from all of the teenagers asking which car to put themselves into crippling debt with, what unnecessarily expensive racing wheels to buy for your daily driver, or read another persons review of a car they drove to Pathmark. Do not join the circle jerk that this place has become. The Moe is there for you. For as we all know, Waymoe is love. Waymoe is life.

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