I like Corvettes. They're fun. I don't mind the midlife crisis reputation. Here's the problem though. GM goes and makes a perfectly decent looking car like the C6:

But then they're all like "hey let's punch out the fenders to fit even more rubber on there and add some cool aero stuff" and next thing you know you end up with this, which kinda makes the regular version look a bit...boring.

GM eventually decided to offer the widebody looks from the Z06 and ZR1 on the regular C6 with the LS3 and steel frame, so you could get into a Grand Sport and have the widebody looks without the crazy price.

Then the C7 came out, and everyone oohed and ahhed, and the world was good.


But then what does GM do? Oh hey here's this C7 Z06:

And I mean come on, those fenders.


Now I will say, I think the regular C7 holds up better to its Z big brother better than the narrow-body C6. But still, the Z06 makes the regular one look a bit...plain.