How much do you trust Carfax? Maybe a better question is: How much should you trust Carfax? It’s the topic of this week’s Lehto’s Law.

Everyone knows you can pull a Carfax title history on a used car but not everyone knows the limitations of these reports (and the ones made by their competitors). Carfax misses stuff. All kinds of stuff.

And they sometimes include things that are false. I’ve seen it many times and I once even conducted an experiment where I pulled 5 Carfax reports on cars which had been bought back by car makers from my clients because the cars were “Lemons” in Michigan. Not a single report indicated the full nature of the car’s history.

Here is the audio:


And the video:

And the pic at the top is me in front of Tucker #1044. I got to walk around it and talk with its owner and also John Tucker, Preston’s grandson. If you missed that, you can see it here.


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