I hereby proclaim: My MR2 is complete. At least, it’s as complete as I’m willing to make it. It’s now a fairly functional daily driver, and looks nice too. Chassis issues stand in the way of serious autocross participation, so I need a new project.

Upon deeper investigation of my MR2's condition, it seems that previous subframe damage was repaired extensively, and poorly. Rather than spend excessive amounts of time and money to tighten up and reinforce the chassis, I’d rather get a second vehicle to work on.


My project criteria are pretty simple:

  1. Autocross-able, as in low enough center of mass not to tip over
  2. Cheap, accessible parts and easy to repair (I want to do a lot of the work myself this time)
  3. Simplicity. Classic cars will probably be better without all the modern tech
  4. Manual transmission

Criteria that don’t matter (even though they’re usually assumed for autocross)

  1. Drive type — I’m good with FWD to RWD to AWD and anything in between
  2. Bodystyle — I’ll autocross anything if it’ll have a low center of mass
  3. Weight — I don’t care if it’s heavy, that might even be fun

My eventual goal is to get a car that I can work on, drive, and document for blogging and YouTube adventures. Gimme your most creative recommendations! :D

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