The actual seam welding began, After the jump.

Stripped all the glue off with a flathead screwdriver and an x-acto knife. Then went over it with a wire wheel on a drill.

There were already a few welds which makes me wonder, also as the panel’s get closer to the A pillar they were less tight to each other. One panel want even connected anymore and the tack weld had givin up.

The $100 welder is only slightly better than you expect it to be, combined with my vast experience with sheet metal not all of the tack welds look acceptable.


My overhead needs work (see left side) but it’s good ‘nuff just looks like crap.
The B pillar has very few spot welds so I fixed that.

I also welded all the way around the door jam.

There were plenty of factory spot welds but these spots didn’t have any within a one inch radius.


Now I have to go do the other door jam when I get motivated enough(it takes forever)