Some of you may remember my post on the Giulia from February. It was there that I reviewed the Giulia Ti Lusso and how I believed it was the best executive sedan today, that I hoped it worked out for Alfa Romeo, and that I couldn’t wait to check out the Quadrifoglio.

Well, I was cruising my Facebook and saw that Alfa Romeo of Birmingham finally got one the perfect color. I was immediately on the way.

This Montecarlo Blue example is currently selling for $77,495, so if anyone’s interested...

Seeing a Quadrifoglio here is very, very tricky, in fact I’d imagine seeing one at all is tricky in itself. According to the dealership, they’ve been hot sellers, apparently so hot that they can’t even keep them on the lot for long. I was the second person to check out the Quadrifoglio, and I’m sure it won’t be there for much longer after me.


So, what were my thoughts? Well, I didn’t get to drive it, I didn’t even get to sit in it, but I did still give it my best close look. Some people have said that the Quadrifoglio body kit ruins the lines of the Giulia, but honestly, I disagree...I disagree hard. The amount of pictures I took shows how much I disagree.


I officially say that the Giulia Quadrifoglio is now my dream car...I’m sorry,’ve lost this round. I would sell a testicle for this car, maybe even both. It’s gorgeous. I want it.