Like any car guy, I react to certain emblems on cars. The M badge certainly. AMG. The letter R on a white Honda (((boing))). There are too many to list really, but there is one badge that has a particularly long lineage; 92 years in fact. It’s the Alfa Romeo “quadrifoglio verde”. You’ve likely seen it on the recently unveiled Giulia if not prior: a four-leaf clover on a white background.

It has a rather interesting story. In 1923, Alfa racing driver Ugo Sivocci painted a four-leaf clover over a white background on the nose of his car after experiencing a bit of a slump. He proceeded to win his next race; the 1923 Targa Florio. He then preceded to die in a car crash. His unfortunate death came while driving a car without the “quadrifoglio” painted on it, so…

Why are you still reading this? Alfa or no Alfa, put a four-leaf clover on your fucking car people, the shit CLEARLY works!

There may be some positive side effects to this as well. You may experience an increase in “props” from people of Irish descent. If you’re smooth, you can most assuredly work that into free pints of Guinness. You can thank me later for that improvement right there. When you explain this to your wife or girlfriend, the act of you caring for her safety will result in splendiferous sex later on. So you can thank me for that as well (on second thought - don’t, ‘cause I don’t want to hear about it). My girlfriend is Latina. So, all I had to do was tell her it’s cilantro.


Building a new car from the ground up is no small task. I expect there to be high and low points for Alfa Romeo as it re-enters the US market; but like many of you, I’ll notice that badge and do the “YES” in my mind-voice as it passes by.

Photo Credit: Tony Quiroga

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