The Queen is down for the Count.

Left tie rod exploded in an accident when I got blindsided by the wheel fender of a trailer. Front right corner of the trailer railed the Queen’s front left wheel, snapping the tie rod, followed by the wheel fender ploughing into the front left corner.

I’m not sure if I’m at fault, or the other driver is -- I’m going to leave that determination up to the insurance companies. The trailer was pretty wide compared to his Chevy Tahoe, and I was already in the midst of making maneuvers to pull out of the parallel parking spot.

If you look closely, you can see the busted tie rod that’s out of focus. I don’t know why my camera decided to look at the busted light fixture.

When I was pulling out, I saw the Tahoe out of the corner of my eye passing me, and I tapped the brakes and expect that I’ll clear his rear end...and then out of nowhere, the trailer smashes me in the glass jaw (tie rod).

I’ve sent the grainy dashcam footage to my insurance adjuster’s email address. Still have yet to hear from her.


It took me several hours for my nerves to calm down...and I’m still feeling very wired. I already did some checks on what it might cost me to salvage the upper core support, the fender, front bumper, and bumper cover. It’s going to be pretty cheap if sourced from a junkyard.

I’m praying that Safeco Insurance will put her back the way she was.

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