The Queen Rises.


Daylight photos of the finished job will be forthcoming tomorrow. Damage Report is below.

  • Left Front Fender Replaced with Donor Fender. Bumper Cover Bolt Hole is nearly rusted out. Will consider replacing both fenders before re-painting the car with OEM parts.
  • Core support was damaged on the left side, the fender bolt mounts were bent. Instead of straightening them and possibly getting a bad fit, we replaced the core support.
  • Header panel was replaced, though the replacement was also partially damaged due to wear and tear. Will be replacing the header prior to repainting with one that I had fetched from a junkyard in Pierce County.
  • Bumper Cover and bumper assembly was swapped out for one that allowed mounting of pushbumpers.
  • Headlights and corner markers replaced with Depo brand housings.

The fog lamps are wired with quick-disconnect plugs, allowing me to mount and unmount the fog lamps as-needed, by simply working the four 14mm bolts that secure the aluminum plate to the bumper mount. This was originally a planned installation back in October on the day of the accident.

Now I am thinking about getting her repainted in something truly eye-catching: Ford Code KR, Norsea Blue.

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