The Queen's ready. (Updated)

Tomorrow morning is the day I load up the car with everything I’ve got — new fog lamps, new headlight and corner marker housings, some pop tarts, a toolbox, and other stuff. I’m going to drive sixty miles to a friend’s where the donor Crown Vic is, and we’re going to start getting the Queen’s body panels replaced. UPDATE: Added new photo of the Queen’s temporary bumper cover.

It’s going to be an all-day job. I’ve got plans to also replace the rubber flooring, trunk liner, and back seat buckles with ones from the donor. In the end, the Killer Queen will end up being in better condition than when I bought her.


The mechanic also gave her a clean bill of health mechanically. Left front upper control arm had its bushings shot in the accident, so I had them replace it along with the right side. The radiator was bent to hell, that got replaced. The radiator support crossmember that bolts to the bottom of the frame was also replaced.

When I got behind the wheel and took her around for a lap, she seemed to be very glad to get some exercise again. I should prioritize getting mechanical exhaust cutouts installed so she can breathe a little better...and give her a much better sound.

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