My family went on a vacation this past week. Our destination was the great smoky mountains; and it was beautiful and the roads were awesome even in my wife’s hybrid. I took very few photos but here is a spirally thing on top of a mountain for your time:

We took my wife’s c-max which I thought was good until 47,000 miles for its next oil change but all of a sudden when we were half way through the trip, the light came on at 45,000. I do not meticulously track things for my wife’s car; Light comes on I obey. We were planning a stop in a big city anyways for my daughter to play so I dropped my wife and kid off at a coffee shop near a playground and drove to the nearest quick lube.

It took me 1 hour to even get on the ramps. Then the guy who was taking my info tried to sell me every thing known to man that I don’t need (tires rotated, cabin air filter, air filter). Our story gets interesting with the cabin air filter; first off he tried to tell me it came from the factory white(it didn’t, it’s grayish to begin with). Second, what I would discover 1 hour later is the jackass put it back in backwards so it wasn’t sealing or flowing well and most of our air was coming out in our passenger side foot well. Third, the guy was a general asshole about everything.

The cabin filter mistake actually ended up being awful as it was cold and rainy and I was having trouble keeping our window defrosted with the little amount of air that was coming out of the vents. We arrived to our hotel that night and the next morning I used a Swiss Army knife to get the torx screw out flip the filter around and what do you know; the air worked again perfectly.


I called the place right after I got it buttoned back up and they offered me a refund without me even asking. (If they had done so I was not going to put them). However 4 business days later and... no sign of the refund so I’d recommend everyone stay far away from the Valvoline Instant Oil Change place in Knoxville; unless you like taking 90 minutes of your day fo an idiot to be condescending to you and then mess up your car.

Bonus Lexus that made me think, “why are they at this grocery store in this area?”