Here is a drag race between the Genesis G70 3.3t (365 hp), Kia Stinger GT (365 hp), and Infiniti Q50 “Blue Sport” Hybrid (360 hp). We may have a serious bargain in the upcoming Genesis G70 because I’ve seen a couple of dyno tests reveal that the car puts down 12-20 hp more than the Stinger at the wheels.

1st race: 2:25

2nd race: 4:25

3rd race: 5:35

I love the Q50 Hybrid! Such a unique offering and I’m fascinated by cars that are perceived differently from what they were developed to deliver. Plus, I have an affinity for Nissan and Infiniti so there’s that too. 


Hyundai Motor Group has been blueprinting Nissan’s cars for over a decade now and it has been hugely successful. I have a whole spiel on how Nissan was nearly a decade ahead of the entire industry through the 2000s and are the single reason Hyundai was able to skip a generation of car development. Add that with the 2009 Great Recession and you have Nissan to really thank for Korean cars becoming good.

The Stinger GT isnt far off the pace of an S5 Sportback, outside of you getting a $42,500 car interior versus a $54,400 car interior. The G70 is using the same price advantage as the Kia but switching the money from practicality and towards performance and premium experience. Genesis and Kia are running some good plays but it keeps me wondering how the Hyundai brand itself is going to keep up.

*CarMedia also did a dyno and moose test of the cars present. Cool stuff but I think long videos in Korean of Korean cars is a bit too hardcore KDM to post on Oppo. Drag racing is fine since I can just toss the time stamps, but dynos and moose testing always require a ton of discussion over the circumstances.

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