Not the Coquihala

The Coquihala is pretty much the hardest thing you can ask a vehicle to tackle in BC, loonng hills with most people doing 120km/h+. So while we were going 90-100km/h, sometimes 80 up the really long hills, the little truck did it all without getting hot. It did take like 7 or 8 hours to go 450km, what with all the slowness and stopping to check on the coolant and oil, but still, it did it.

My two Japanese vehicles with 4 driven wheels
Yes the Coquihala, one of the tamer hills.

I’m pretty proud of it, considering it’d been sitting for 4 years prior to this. I even passed a couple people! One of them was even uphill! Today I’ll likely do a compression test, and a lot of cleaning and vacuuming to get the interior in acceptable shape.


Last gas stop before home, at about 12:30am