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The Rallyfortwo has an interesting test today.

Back in 2014, I bought a trailer hitch for Tucker. The idea was that I’d pick up a camper that can be towed behind a motorcycle, like a Timeout camper.

A part of me wondered though, why can Europeans with the same exact car tow about 1200 pounds while Americans shy away from anything over 800? Surely someone has tested this theory out, right? Seeing if I’m crazy for doing this I looked for others who tried similar. Some particular examples I’ve found was a YouTube video of a guy towing a loaded 1,300 pound U-Haul trailer across the country. And this guy, who towed 1,000 pounds on the same route.


Today, I’m moving the big stuff out of my old apartment. Trailer plus big stuff will equal about 1,050 pounds to be towed give or take about 15 miles in one direction. The route has both city and highway driving, thankfully no faster than 55 mph and no sustained speed driving for longer than 5 minutes.

So far, so good, it pulls a lot better than I thought. The manual mode function of the transmission is the star player in why a smart can even do this too.


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