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The Rallywagon is about to get MOAR SPEED

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Well I finally pushed “buy” on a bunch of parts today that will hopefully take my Outback XT a step up. I’ve worked on and modded all 6 cars I’ve owned so far, but have never made any real power related mods. That ends now.


When I bought the XT a year and a half ago it was completely rust free everywhere except the exhaust, which was welded and patched throughout. It’s finally cracked beyond repair and needs a complete replacement. I recently put a catless STI uppipe in and the gains from that were infections, so I figured why stop there?

I’m still doing this as a semi-budget thing, but since everything needed replacement anyways it was an easier time convincing my wife it was worth it. After talking to my mechanic (who is conveniently a longtime Subaru tech and rally team crew chief) I just purchased a CNT catted downpipe, an ebay Legacy GT catback (had to save some $$ somewhere), Grimmspeed gaskets, Kartboy XL hangers to try to get the legacy exhaust below the bumper and new O2 sensors to boot. My mechanic is going to do the tune, which will be on the milder side for now as I still have the stock intercooler. Still, I’m looking forward to some more go and more of that Subaru rumble. When life gives you lemons, right?


Combined with the upgraded shifter bushings and STI Group N mounts I’ve put in this makes my outback an STI, right? Ok fine, but I’m still excited. I think next up I’m going to do the rear swaybar and then look into larger the current ones already feel woefully weak despite newish pads. Any other ideas for mods I should pursue?

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