The RAV is Staying!

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I’ve been keeping a secret: over the past two weeks, I was planning on trading in my RAV4 for something new. Today was the day I was going to say goodbye, but I decided this morning she was here to stay.


I wanted to take advantage of, I hate this term, “unprecedented times,” and move forward with something automotive related. Financing deals are good, so I thought “why not?” My parents hated the idea of me buying a vehicle when I don’t have a job lined up, which is understandable, but they’re also the type to purchase everything immediately. They financed the house, but even that’s paid off. I’d have the funding to cover the vehicle by October (for other reasons); however, they wouldn’t co-sign or anything if I moved forward now.

As I’ve stated before, the RAV4 is theirs. I call it mine, but they need to be with me whenever it goes because it’s registered to them. They also HATE private party sales, so no sale offers will be on here. I only got offered $5,500 from CarMax. I’ve decided that I really like the model of vehicle I’ve been looking at, and I’ll definitely try to pursue it again in a couple weeks. It’s gonna be the future Under_Score car if it’s still for sale. Deals should only be getting better from here.


This morning, my parents offered to PAY for the new car outright, but I want the satisfaction of buying something I can truly call mine, from my birthday on the tag to insurance. They’d control payments (defeating the purpose of six-months deferred), it wouldn’t be mine right now, and the RAV would be gone. Plus, it seemed too soon to get rid of the RAV4. So, the RAV is here to stay.

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