R. Kelly

That’s right.

The whole reason Ford sold it here in the first place is because R. Kelly made a song about the car because he wanted them to sell it over here. The song is called, well, Fiesta. He made the song and felt Ford wasn’t listening, so he teamed up with Jay-Z to make a remix that would get the song noticed more. I’m not going to post the video here because that would give it more clicks and more money. Then came R. Kelly’s child porn trial, so Ford put the US Fiesta plans on hold. Once he was acquitted, they resumed because the whole saga was supposed to be over. Or so they thought.


Honda began selling the Fit. Toyota finally sold us the 4-door hatchback Yaris (the Echo hatch was Canada-only). Nissan’s Versa. Hyundai and Kia finally started making decent cars. You can see that Ford felt trapped in the closet, even though the RK series by that name was totally unrelated to Ford’s cars.

Once Ford finally began to sell the Fiesta in the US, they encountered two problems. First, well duh, R. Kelly’s pedo-pissing. Second, reliability with the PowerShit transmissions.


The DCT problems and the new pedo charges came out around the same time. Ford was afraid people would find out they only sold the car here at his request and the possible tarnish to Ford’s reputation. For that reason, they decided not to retrofit a real transmission into the Fiesta. They just wanted the car to go away.

Also, I’m pissed that Ford stopped offering the Fiesta in pink after its first year in the US, but that could also be related to the whole scandal, too.

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