They are exclusively driven by...all sorts of people. Just like any other car. From rich people who use them as a garish expression of their wealth, to people who just want to look cool, to driving enthusiasts who have spent their lives working up from shitty old coupe to fancy modern supercar. It takes all sorts.

What’s more, every group has its fuckwits. Muscle cars are driven by children who like loud things and can’t drive. Motorbikes too. BMWs: posers. 4X4s: guys with small dicks who don’t actually go off-road. Hondas: teenage idiots. Volvos: people who can’t drive. But there are also people in every single one of these groups on Oppo, including at least one supercar owner (he’s got an SLS, it’s fucking awesome, he’s a really nice guy). And I haven’t met someone on Oppo I didn’t like.

As someone who enjoys driving and enjoys sports cars, I’d love to eventually be able to afford some sort of supercar. Having 12 cylinders popping away behind my ear on a Sunday drive would actually make me weak at the knees, and I dare you to say you don’t feel the same, regardless of the stigma surrounding them.

So while it’s very easy and comforting to lump them in some hateful bracket of old men who are trying to impress children, maybe you should think before you post, get off your high horse, and accept that some people have more money than you and can buy cooler shit with it.