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The rear end design trend of lately

Am I the only one that is really, I mean REALLY bored of some of the recent car designs?, mostly at the rear end, where things have got really average.

I know there are car design trends and cues that become popular and establish a style that becomes prevalent in an era, sort of like the pop up lamps, fins and chrome, black plastic bumpers two tone cars, smooth lines and curves from the 90s; those things are cool, but I always think that car designers must try to not fall in those trends, or at least not that much, if not you could end up being de de-facto example of a trend, leading to not aging very well...like the beanie taurus.


In my opinion, when you can definitely tell a trend is going, its time to move on, when the wow factor is gone, it starts to become boring and people will look for something “new”.

Sort of like how every new car has a big black mouth front and center.


Actual Situation

Something that has struck me is how recently rear ends have become so look alike between different cars (especially in the sedan segment), to me its time to move on from that design style.


Bonus points if you can name them all

I’m not saying that older cars had better or greater designs, i’m saying that its time to move on from this trend and start searching for the new “thing”.


The Experiment


Taking the design cues and overlaying all of the cars I’ve shown, here’s a quick mediocre attempt to create something the average rear end of the 2009+ sedan.

  • A: Taillights have same-ish proportion or principle, they start from the inside of the rear end and extend up to the rear fenders, sometimes touching shoulder lines and give the sensation that they continue to the sides of the car, they start sort of narrow and get bigger? Taller? as they go out towards the fenders, Usually they are a little bit tilted with the outer part of the Taillight pointing upwards.

  • B:There’s a defined line which form the part where the license plate goes in, this line almost always follow the same line as the begining of the taillight or follow down the design of the rear mustache/molding.

  • C:The top part of the trunk (in sedans) protrudes a little bit and is higher relative to the rest of the trunk and shoulder line, looking like a spoiler, i’m not against this design part, its just that sometimes a clean line looks more elegant, sometimes a softer rounded line or maybe a more angular one.

  • D: The part where said molding or difference in depth is, usually goes down if there’s a molding present or just keeps the same line from the top of the tail lights, now I know that part is maybe more due to function as its a nice spot for grabbing the trunk, but im sure its not the only way to do it.

  • E: Fake Diffuser, there’s this shape or body molding that is more often than not painted in black and its there just to resemble an air diffuser, which isn’t bad per se, but just as fake air entrances in the front bumper, gets tiring when its the norm and not the exception, what happened to clean rear bumpers? body moldings, bumper corner lights and other elements to make it different.

  • F: “Wide” fenders, as cars get bigger this trend has become really common to give the car a more muscular look, its not bad its just that what about clean side lines and making the car looking slimmer rather than bigger, or maybe instead of trying the wide arches look how about some boxed wide body fenders a la EVO IX or Skyline R34, maybe something like a Lancia Delta(the turbo AWD one).

So yeah, Whats your opinion? what should be the next move in making sedan booties sexy again? Show some sexy rear ends bellow.

Oh and sorry for any mistake or bad composition, english isn’t my native language.

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