The Reason Behind The Renault Logan

You may have seen this post and though why the hell I bought a base model Rumanian car rebadged as a French one. This car is my new tool to earn some money, without even touching it. All of this thanks to Uber.

Due to cheap labor in Mexico (I love this country) I did the math and found out that having chauffeur to drive my Uber would provide pretty good earnings. We agree’d that I would take a portion of the earnings per week whilst he would get the rest. This was no easy task as I had to do countless paperwork to register myself as an adult with “income” to the government as well as the endless documents that Uber needed to make sure I wasn’t a lunatic. After months of asking for my parents to send me paperwork by mail and visiting every governmental building in the city I was ready for the interesting bit, the car.


I dug out some of my life savings and went ahead to put a deposit on what is essentially the least expensive vehicle to use as an Uber (Including the very expensive insurance, registration as well as the safety equipment every car is required to have). This car turned out to be the Renault Logan. My choices were the Volkswagen Vento (Polo Sedan), Hyundai i10 Sedan or Nissan Versa. I’m paying the longest term available so I could start with low payments, but my plan is to pay it off as soon as possible with 1 big yearly payment. Then I will probably buy 1 or two more cars this way and start making real money to save up for any projects right after I graduate.

So about the Logan; It is a base model with the added security pack that brings ABS and 2 airbags. I picked it up in white because A)Close to zero inventory in Mexican dealerships and B)White looks clean most of the time, and if it is crashed it won’t be hard to repair. I picked it up a nice Thursday afternoon and went on my marry way to fill it up with gas and meet with the chauffeur that I had interviewed and hired the day before.


From last Thursday to this one it has been absolutely great. The Uber Partners website tells me every minuscule detail of the trips and the earnings, all whilst I attend college. I can’t explain how great this has felt, it was a lot of work but there were no bumps along the way. And seeing earnings at the end of each day is a nice bonus too.

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