I was just thinking about how power going to the rear is the most natural powertrain around. Look at bicycles, boats, and even animals. But then I started wondering about where the engine would be in these applications and determined that the 911 is pretty much a motor boat (which helps explains why it works so well). Front-engine, FWD is a crazy setup when you think about every animal and vehicle created.

I’m liking the station this train of thought is stopping at. Let’s get interactive!

FWD: Get on the ground and move yourself around with just your arms, dragging your legs behind you. Might be fun for a minute but you’re going to be worn out and putting in a lot of effort to not go far very quickly.

AWD: Crawl on your hands and knees. You’ll notice that you move MUCH better. You can probably conquer just about any obstacle that comes in your way including couches and pets. No worries over stability but you’re still placing a lot of wear on your body.


RWD: Get up and walk, trot, jog, run! All of a sudden who cares that you have less stability and can’t slowly plop onto some terrain you shouldn’t have your shoes on anyways? You’ve already covered more ground with nearly no apparent wear and tear, probably feeling fresh as a frisking too! Now jump and think about the amount of power you’re able to put down and then imagine trying to jump from your hands and knees or just from your hands. Power to the rear and only the rear is what’s best, don’t let this AWD propaganda fool you because it’s making people professional crawlers that think their marathoners when they just need to learn the skill of standing on their own two feet!

Being the fastest and most fun FWD car around the Nurburgring is like winning a wheelbarrow race without a partner, sure people will be impressed and cheer and have a great time but it’s the saddest and least relavent plastic trophy you’ll ever take home. But if you don’t plan on going fast, far, or for long, you’ll find more entertainment dragging yourself 10ft than crawling or running that same distance.


Think about all the highest mileage vehicles that come to mind, where is the power going? You can crawl for a long time but you can walk a longer ways. All I’m trying to point out is that there are times when dragging yourself around is fun, crawling around is adorable, and running is getting the job done. Just make sure you’re doing the right one at the right time.