The Refreshed FIAT 500

This is the refreshed 500. Mostly the same, except for minor touches like the turn signals moved to "eyebrows" over the projectors, leaving their old spots solely for the DRLs.

Inside, the most notable change is a redesigned instrument binnacle that does away with the EVIC-inside-tach-inside-speedometer of the outgoing car and instead has a big full-color TFT in the middle with other gauges curving up either side and empty areas top and bottom for the idiot lights.


Shown in the pictures is the new Cult trim level, topping the range above the Lounge. Engines are also changed around a bit, but the only ones known at the moment are Euro-spec. Unknown what will transfer over to US-bound 500s.

More at AutoBlog:…

Overall, I'm happy with the changes. I want a 500 as a city runabout, but still paying off my Dart (and unwilling to trade it in), I knew the 500 would come up for a refresh before I can grab one. I was worried they'd give it the same face as the 500L, but if it's business as normal then I don't mind waiting a few more years to pick one up.

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