It’s big news for Renault vans, with a swarm of new releases! Can you believe there’s a brand new Renault Master! Can you hear the excited screams in the crowd?!


I can’t hear you!!!


No, really I can’t hear you, is no one else excited?

But seriously, it always seemed to be a bit unfair that the grubby kids in the back get to live like luxury, with their massive (20 centimetre wide) picnic tables, while the one up front gets, nothing. I’ve kinda wanted something like this for a while, although how they get past the whole airbag thing is above me. Are there any other vehicles that do this?

The glovebox? No, that’s just pathetic.

Other features include new braces:


Gear stick ripped from an arcade machine (I know someone’s excited about that at least):

And, useful in a vehicle with no rear window, a monitor instead of a rear view mirror. Which would be cooler if it didn’t look so awfully tacked on.



I swear I’m not a shill for Renault commercial vehicles. Maybe I should change that profile picture?