Well, the Ody is back in the shop, this time for power sliding door service after the idiot light for the doors came on this Monday. My dad took it in yesterday and they gave him this brand spanking new Accord EX-L V6 loaner with only 3309 miles on the clock!

Hate how you have to turn the engine over just to get a odo reading—unless I’m doing something wrong, which I probably am.
FWDx3, NA V6, NA I5, Turbo I5


It’s a bit odd to see something with only three pillars on our typically five-door-heavy driveway, but it doesn’t necessarily look out of place besides the two Euro-estates—and since it’s a V6, there’s still a total of 16 cylinders between them!

2005 Sweden, 2017 America

I’m not a huge fan of the post-facelift styling on these, I much prefer the more simple, less garish lines on the original ninth-gen, but it’s nowhere near as unattractive as the ‘18 Camry.

Taking a page from Volvo’s floating gauge book


Some sort of fake wood and a way too bright “Engine Start” button

Inside we see the scourge of fingerprint-attracting “piano black” trim which my mom’s Steinway D doesn’t even have. Also, not a single knob anywhere—changing the volume must be a real PITA! No climate control knobs is fine, even our 12-year-old Ody doesn’t have those, but for the audio controls no knobs seems a bit of a faff. On the whole, though, the interior felt a lot like my grandma’s ‘10 Civic EX-L (and smelled like it too!)


A dark cavern of smelly leather and hard plastic

The back seat wasn’t too cramped (as evinced by a recent Lyft we took in one of these) but for some weird reason there’s a floor hump despite there never being an AWD Accord...maybe something for the Hybrid versions?


So much felt it’s like the kid’s aisle at Michaels

The trunk wasn’t huge and was kind of plain, nothing to write home about in terms of revolutionizing the trunk industry (same old gooseneck hinges, etc.)


Mmmmm, foam and particleboard are a symbol of quality!

The spare tire cover was somewhat shoddy though, looking and smelling like Home Depot particleboard rather than plush and felted as in my V50.


Earth Dreams or Globe Delusions, or some shit like that.

Motivating the whole package is the new J35Y1 “Earth Dreams” 278 hp V6 with the six-speed auto, on the whole nothing amazing, nothing too boring.


Chrome. Lots.

On the whole it’s pleasant but nothing to write home about. I can’t drive it as my dad won’t let me (that whole underage thing) but apparently the Adaptive Cruise Control was a bit too helpful on his commute yesterday, interfering more than he liked in comparison to his ancient Vo’ (and remember, this is coming from the man who sets his cruise at 35 on a boulevard to maintain the speed limit...)


Less chrome. Weird black paint on wheels.

So would we buy one? Definitely not, especially for $35 grand. But then again, we are the weird sort of family that will take a whiteblock five and four roof pillars over Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay. Besides, at $5K each and approximately $1-2 grand in servicing each year, it’s been so far infinitely more economical to run our aging Swedes than to buy a new Japanese four-door executive family saloon. What’s your take on this plush loaner, Oppo?