Georges Bataille wrote the following in his essay “The Solar Anus.”

The two primary motions are rotation and sexual movement, whose combination is expressed by the locomotive’s wheels and pistons. These two motions are reciprocally transformed, the one into the other.

The two widely used movements in the universe are rotational and in and out. The Earth orbits the Sun and pistons in an automobile engine move up and down (or side to side).

Now let’s apply this phenomenon to modern day sports. Every major team sport can be broken down into these movements. Hockey, soccer, basketball, football, and rugby all involve players on each team going side to side to achieve a common goal for their respective squads.


Tennis players volley back and forth for hours at a time only to achieve temporary satisfaction from a victory. Baseball and cricket players run around in circles on a field.


Everything you do involves these two motions or some combination of them. A quarterback’s arm pivots as he throws a football to a receiver. A hockey player’s wrists and stick move back and forth when stickhandling through the neutral zone.

These two repetitive motions are echoed throughout the known universe. FIsh move their body side to side in order to swim. Wheels on cars, trucks, tractors, and other vehicles rotate. Fish move side to side to swim. A teenage girl’s finger moves side to side as she scrolls and swipes her way through her favorite social media platform on her phone.


Like a teacher trying to teach a lesson to students, modern music, television, movies, sports, art, advertisements, and social media all use repetition to influence your daily choices, the products you buy, (don’t forget, the word consumer has CONSUME in it), how you spend your leisure time, and for social conformity.


I’m not instructing to rebel and rage against the machine; merely it is essential for us to register these happenings and raise our awareness to our surroundings.

Whether or not the universe is constantly expanding or whether there may be more beyond the universe are things that are difficult for the human mind to comprehend. Our imaginations, motivation, and resourcefulness are time limited.

Things may not revolve around you as much as you’d like them to but do not fear. Fear is all in your mind.


Do what you love and remember that your heart beats like a piston, but only for a short time.