Yes, technically, it is still spring (if it isn’t, oops). The chrome is gleaming, and the road is ready. But where is the Cutlass? Outside, waiting to be towed up tomorrow. Expect vlogs of the coming updates. In the mean time, lets look over the Good, Bad, and Ugly of this $1000 brougham.

The Good

After I dropped a new Walmart battery in, it started up first try! It also hasn’t rusted significantly more than it was in December, and the inside is still mint.

The Bad


There are two new leaks. An oil leak from the valve cover that drips precariously onto the header, and a leak because of a bad trans pan gasket. Fortunately, both are cheap fixes, as both involve cheap gaskets.

The Ugly



Yup, rust. And plenty of it! Fortunately, these holes are getting patched up, and all trouble spots will be re-painted. Expect practically weekly updates on the car, now that I have better access to it!