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My paternity leave from having my 2nd child is over and I have returned to work. Well, I’ve returned to the office. Thankfully I cleared my work queue for the most part before I left, so there’s not an enormous backlog that I’m returning to. During leave it was hard to even find time to shower or brush my teeth and now I’m going to work where there are other human beings that I have to spend a lot of time with...

My leave was amazing. Despite the challenges of taking care of a newborn, it was wonderful to get some quality time with my wife and daughter. My daughter especially seemed to love being at home so much with us (usually she’s in daycare during the week).


One of the highlights was going to Pacific Raceways with my daughter just to watch an HPDE day instead of drive. I gave her one of my old cameras and she wanted to take pictures of all the red cars. She got frustrated with the shutter lag trying to get shots of the cars in motion, so she ended up having more fun getting pictures of the cars in the paddock. It was a great time and we brought home Ezell’s fried chicken to cap off the day.

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