Here’s pretty much the final product visually. Meet up with a friend who also does professional photography (check out werksautomotion on the bookface and instant grams for more). I’m really pleased with the Cube currently. There are for sure more mods to come, slotted/drilled rotors are next on the list as I’ll be needing a brake job soon anyway. Every part, the lip kit, the graphics, the exhaust etc... was done by myself and my father on the driveway which makes this car that much more satisfying.

When I got the cube about 2 years ago, I didn’t expect it to last. I bought and sold cars like they went out of style. None of them were special, none of them brought me any real joy, they were just cars.

I got the cube for its reliability and fuel economy. I figured this thing would be a cheap run around for a few months, maybe a year. But the weirdest thing happened, I really enjoyed the damn thing on the test drive. It was a nice place to sit and pleasant to drive. A week after buying it, I threw on a set of wheels that had been laying around the house for almost 7 years. And the cube looked fantastic! Then I found out about the OEM aero kit, and that’s when the bond formed.


I’ve spent countless hours with my father lining up vinyls, spray painting body parts and learning how to break little plastic tabs and free rusted bolts. It hasn’t always been the most fun but with every mod completed, I could step back and appreciate the changes.


This isn’t a car that very many people loved when it was introduced by Nissan, and my build isn’t one that I expect very many people to love either. But I love it and cannot wait to get some more stuff done to it.