I often contemplate daily drivers. As an automotive enthusiast I believe most of us do. Recently I was thinking (a first I know!), If money were no option, what would I daily?

This question came to me after I got a call from a wealthy friend; "Come by the house, I got something you need to see."

I arrived to see a 1927 Ford T-bucket he found on the "cheap" and wants me to help him get it to what he wants it to be. But what does a 1927 Ford have to do with daily drivers?

In the two years I have known this individual, he has had an Escalade, an E-Class, a CLS AMG, and, now, a GL Class for Daily drivers (yes, someone who swaps DD's more frequently than I). He has had the GL for about 3 months now and he also wanted to know if I thought he should change it out for a G Wagon AMG as he is already bored with it. Money is rarely an issue with him as he had taken his $60,000 E-Class in for an oil change and used the money in his pocket (literally) to buy the CLS because "I took one look at it and it gave me an erection".


So I got to thinking, If I had the cash flow of my friend here, given my circumstances (single, no kids, etc.) what would I daily? the rules were simple, as this would be a daily, it would have to be new, so it could have a warranty, and had to have a price tag under $250,000 (which is what my friend would consider the limit of affordability for a daily).

At first I thought, "Man, I would rock an exotic all day long!"


But a car like this would not suit as a daily, I came to realize. There is no storage for anything you may need, getting in and out for errands isn't always the easiest thing, you can't park it anywhere, and (as Doug has proven) it will take you twice as long to go anywhere.

How about a complete 180?


A full sized pickup. LOTS of room, ample storage, can go almost anywhere (except parking garages...) park it anywhere. But it is massive, and the chore of navigating a large truck through a major city day in and day out just seems taxing.

Well then why not the life of luxury, a nice big luxury sedan?


A very nice choice indeed, roomy, comfy, can haul your groceries... But something about driving a barge every day makes my skin tingle.

I would want something fun and sporty. It does not need to seat 6, nor does it need to carry 200 lbs of groceries, it is just me. It needs to have a comfortable ride but still be fun. Some pep, but not in the shop every 3 days.


My search led me to this. The new 991 Targa. Its a bit of a mix of everything (except a truck unless you include the 4wd...) and can be rather quite versatile.


Assuming you have stuck with me for this long. Given your circumstances and my above hypothetical, which way would you choose? And why?