The ride never ends.

Visible detrius jammed in the seals of the steering rack which is leaking fairly copious amounts of power steering fluid. That’s gonna be a rebuild at the least, probably a new rack. $220 after core refund, basically.


Those bushings are for something that has an absolute idiotic name but is actually the front castor arms. Both are totally shot. The arms would be $200 for both, or $60 and ages of pain for just the bushings.

Additional fun!

Went to align the car. Despite this thing being COMPLETELY RUST FREE every fucking alignment adjustment on this goddamn car is completely seized. Like, gallons of PB blaster did nothing, nor did getting it (the jam nut for one of the tie rods red-hot with an inductive heater, so my car is stuck with having a little toe-out until I either magically find a way to un-stick that or buy a new inner and outer tie rod (or just replace the damn steering rack, it has an unusual amount of play in it anyways).


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