I can appreciate the craftsmanship of their builds, but wtf are they even trying to accomplish.

Let’s start with the AMC Javelin, why on earth would you boy racer up such a handsome car with that valence? Wheel choice, goofy as hell. Side pipes with a carbon wingy thing, just stop. Also, it’s not 1985, stop it with the cowl hoods.


I actually don’t hate this grille, good job here.

On to this near perfect Charger (if we ignore that it’s a ‘69 with the garbage split grille)

WTF are these 20” steelies? I appreciate the concept of going with steel wheels, but these look like a terrible cartoon.


Im not even sure there’s a sidewall to that tire. Not everything needs an 18” brake rotor, and certainly not a car that won’t ever see a race track.


Again, it’s clear they’re great builders, but why do the make such stupid styling decisions on otherwise amazing cars?