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The Rise Of Small Sports Cars And The Return Of Alfa Romeo

With the dawn of the Alfa Romeo 4C on U.S. soil comes a modern trend in the automotive world that seems both obvious, and glorious. The new era automotive sporting is ever-moving towards the nimble driver's car, not so much about "POWAHHH" anymore, but the way in which the car speaks to its driver. The 4C is a testament to this, as are the toyobaru twins. The market is rushing in with amazing cars, and here's why this is something you should be excited about.


Down to the numbers, the 4C is listed under 850kg (1873.93 lbs). That's right, under 2,000 lbs. I had to check this multiple times, and what a delight it is to hear. It's turbo 4 pumps out "over 200hp", and will get you to 100km/h in under 5 seconds (Alfa Romeo). By no means is this slow, but the numbers themselves don't necessarily speak to the power-hungry world. In a similar fashion, the BRZ weighs in at 2762 lbs, 200hp, and not a lot more to speak of in terms of numbers.

Look to Jalopnik readers to see this trend, as the miata has been the dirty love child of many of their dreams, and answer to every automotive question. The lotus elise, tesla roadster. None of these cars have a huge amount of horsepower, but they are all lightweight and fun cars.

What does this mean? The lightweight, nimble sports cars will start to dominate the market despite the lack in the cards to play at the power wars table. That's right, you heard it here first! Sure, the vipers and ferraris and corvettes of the world will still exist, but in the growing eco-world these super  lightweight cars will lead the way, putting smiles on faces around every corner.


What I'm really trying to say, is let's all welcome our Italian overlords!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments, will this be the trend for the coming years or a fad that sticks like Rebecca Black?

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