I was very disappointed in the article from Road & Track posted on Jalopnik today

Perhaps I misrepresented the message, but the main point of the article was don't buy an old super car because they are finicky and so outclassed by the current generation of supercars that you will look silly driving one. It also mentions that you should be responsible and get a 911 instead.

Several critiques / observations

1. Is R&T and other car magazines catering to only what is trendy? Do modern car magazines cater to what is "cool" and "trendy" so as to not lose their sponsors in face of twindling readership (Note: I have no facts to back that readership is declining other then the fact that readership trends are declining across print media)

2. Is the oppositelock/jalopnik audience very different from the R&T audience? I am not meaning to offend anyone that is a fan of car magazines, I have just been more intrigued by the online community. I love new vehicles such as the M235i, Porsche Cayman/Boxster, Corvette C7, Jaguar F-Type, but having a hobby surrounding these type of vehicles requires significant disposable income which I do not have. I love the focus on older (ranging from classics, older vehicles with a niche following, older SUVs, now-affordable sports cars) that this community embraces while still keeping us updated and excited about the new offerings from Detroit, Germany, Japan, England and South Korea.


3. I personally find this to be a greater time then ever to like older cars. Jay Leno said cars have changed more in recent years then they have between 1930 through 2006 (I do not have the exact quote). Surprise R&T!, I LIKE having a manual transmission! I LIKE not staring into the screen of an I-Pad/Computer when I drive (I get enough of that at work!!!) I like having analog feedback from my steering wheel! I view a car as an extension of my interests in style and the art of driving! NOT my social media life...And these cars that I love are affordable because they are not yet considered classics by the R&M auction crowd!

4. Assuming that you will look silly driving an older super car because it is not the "latest" and "greatest" super car assumes that your readers (and car enthusiasts in general) only care about "looking cool" and "trendy" which is just insulting.

5. I took the article to refer more than old super cars but any sports car, sporty coupe, luxury car or SUV that is now more affordable because of that beautiful thing called depreciation.


6. Because the author has a Ferrari 365 BB does not excuse the article.

Sorry for the long rant!