I couldn’t believe the parking spot next to DougCar was open at last night’s Chicagoland DougMeet. Sorry for the crap picture.

Doug in person is exactly who you imagine him to be, a very nice car-nerd extraordinaire. He even ran a CarFax on the Toadmaster. Turns out, it originally came from the same town that my last Buick hailed from, Blue Island, IL (town motto: Don’t ever come here, seriously).

It was a fun time, I’m glad I could make it out there. Saw a few other Oppos there as well. Since I was parked next to Doug in a dark corner of the lot, they made me promise not to murder him (or cut them in on the proceeds of selling his Aston to keep them quiet). Doug was still alive when I left. I am nothing if not a man of my word.