I don’t know what it is about Audis, but I have never really been a fan; the RS4 is an exception. I would spend my own money to acquire one. I was thinking about going to look at this one while I was at my parents house this weekend. It’s one of those cars I’ve been wondering what it’s like to drive. Although, last time I was wondering what a Porsche was like to drive, I might have gotten bit by the Porsche bug; I’m going to need a 911 at some point.

I didn’t go drive it, while I’m still at my parents house, I’m headed for Tuscaloosa Alabama in a couple hours. If it’s still there in a couple weeks, I might have to go check it out.

Now, the $25k RS4 got me thinking, would you rather have that or a $25k E90 M3? While you can get a DCT E9X M3 for a decent price, the manuals seemed to have held their value pretty well. Although this 2008 M3 can be picked up for less than the RS4. So what would you choose? My answer is obvious, when I had the money to acquire one of these, I picked the M3.