The Supreme Court of Oppo has ruled a 6-3 decision in favor of the Crazy Kanuck.

Illustration for article titled The ruling has been made. (Update w/opinions)

Majority opinion: The Crazy Kanuck started out strong with his “one take,”“self portrait,” and “Existential” posts. Although he fell off later through the match TheHondaBro was never able to make a strong enough comeback to overturn the court’s favor.

Dissenting opinion: Although the Crazy Kanuck started strong. TheHondaBro made exquisitely crafted comeback. Another contributing factor was excluding the Kanucks “One take” and “Existential” posts as shitposts. Since the former is topical and the latter is to thought provoking to be a shitpost. That in tandem with the “Bernie Sanders” and “Oxi-Meme” where enough for him to pull of a victory.

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