The S10 refused to start yesterday.

We got a ton of ice here in Kentucky, preceeded by rain. So, the roads weren’t treated and were solid icy messes. I started out in the 6, got nervous, turned around and headed back home to get the S10. I figured if I wrecked it or if someone crashed into me in it, I’d be less upset than if it was my car.

I spent twenty minutes trying to get the frozen solid door open on the truck. Finally get in it and click click click. No start.

So, the CX-5 got snow/ice driving duty. Despite just being front-wheel-drive, it’s a beast in the snow - and the predictions for mostly 1-3 inches of accumulation went to hell pretty quickly.


The truck decided to start today, so I went to AutoZone to have the battery, alternator, and starter tested. All turned out fine. But, I noticed the bolt holding the battery in place is missing, allowing it to move back and forth and dislodge its connections. Oops. So, instead of $75.00 or more for a new battery, I’m out 35 cents for a bolt. Works for me.

The ABS is non-functional but the four-wheel-drive works as good as ever. I made it up the hill to the AutoZone parking lot on my first try with no spinning. The 280 pounds of sandbags and snow in the bed helped, I’m sure. The Z71 behind me had nothing in the bed and it took him three tries to get up the same hill.


Every time I get annoyed with the truck and think about selling it, it redeems itself by coming in handy.

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