I am kind of crazy. But the harmless kind, with mild to severe anxiety, and the occasional bout of depression. Driving calms me, and lets me focus on one thing I have total control over at that moment. Now, the S2000. There has been a lot said about this car, to it's near bulletproof drivetrain, to it's.... interesting starter process, to it's semi tail happy nature. What no one tells you, is that for everything it has with the Honda name, it is the Stepchild of the Honda brand. Their dealers look at you weird, their service techs don't like it, and you don't fit in with the civic appliance owners. This is an issue in having issues diagnosed through them, because, your idea is usually better than the techs. Thus, leading you to scour the internet, and go to your trusted local independent. Now, I rescued my S2000. What does that mean, you may ask? Well that means I was taking someone elses project and then trying to turn it into a daily. Now, besides from body panels still a bit messed up, everything is fine with the car now. But, now going back to anxiety, you discover that everything that can go wrong, does. This leads you to tip toe your car more than you should, be more gentle then you should, and thus not having as much fun as you should. The fear of breaking this odd ball Honda is what is keeping me from driving everyday now, from loving it as much as I want to, and worst of all, might be driving me into the arms of it's older german sister, the 944. Sports cars are not always the soundest choice for people like me, but I'm learning. Thats what all young enthusiasts do, right? Learn how to match a car to our own set of skills and mindsets. The S2ooo? Might not be. But if that ends up being the case, it will never shake me from this love of cars, as neurotic a love as it may be.