Interesting read from about the unknown 9-5 NG hatchbacks that never were.

It was in December 2009. Saab in Sweden was once again right in front of the abyss, and GM had already instructed the gravedigger of Alix Partners with the settlement. The Saab employees had - again - a sad Christmas in prospect, and came from Germany these days a car transporter in Sweden, with a prototype, which should never be built.

In addition to the new Saab 9-5 sedan and 9-5 sport wagon there should be two more variants. One version would have celebrated premiere in the fall of 2013 and would have corresponded roughly to what we know as the Insignia Tourer Country or Audi Allroad. The other option would have been a hatchback.

This Trollhättan would connect to the Saab 9000 and would have produced a unique feature in its class at last (almost). From size, image and price, only the BMW 5 Series GT would have been comparable, the Insignia Hatchback ranks with its shorter wheelbase by 11 Zentimer not only from the image produces a lower class, as well as the Skoda Superb. There were two prototypes were built and their development was well advanced. After the December 2009 disappeared both vehicles and the plan to build a luxury-class hatchback, was not pursued.

Why? The facts are meager. Some voices say you wanted to save Opel again. What makes little sense, because the Insignia, it sits on the same platform but with a shortened wheelbase, has a different audience in focus, as it had Saab. Others are of the opinion that the expected numbers would have been too low and the production would not have been worth it. Okay, dear readers, sometimes openly and honestly, what we would have preferred to buy? A notchback sedan that's also beautiful, or a hatchback? For me, no question!Clearly - Saab hatchback.

In the first months of 2010, the two prototypes will then be moved into the press, and the dream of great Saab hatchback was now finally at the end. We thought. Until today ...

For both vehicles have not only the GM time, but also the era with Victor Muller survived. In the spring of 2012, Mark and I, outside intact, both prototypes met again. Since the same rims were still mounted on the vehicles as in 2009, it can be assumed that there were no activities in the Spyker time about 9-5 hatchback. The vehicles were backed up on the gravel in front of the factory and are then not noticed us.

Many months later, while browsing through the photos, then the missing Hatchback caught my eye. Behind this is, you can see it barely prototype number 2 A look at the mark confirms that vehicle number one Saab, which was photographed in December 2009 on the transporter. The quality of the pictures is not the best. The recordings were made in part with the mobile phone, and even the telephoto lens of my good Nikon at that time used was not optimal and got a better successor.


What is now happening with the vehicles, we do not know. Three predictions are possible. Like many other prototypes have gone to the recycler these vehicles with high security. Then they could have been either scrapped, or they belong to the prototypes that NEVS has bought and saved just in time and with the consent of the administrators back. Or - and this is possible - someone has recognized what it says and has saved the vehicles in a dry hall.

Are they still exist, then we will see them again someday. As I'm sure!

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