Because of Saab’s naming convention if you want to find one you have to search by year on SearchTempest, unless you want a Sonett. Here are the finds, some are NP all day; A few may be CP; and you can buy 6 96s at one time.


The Nicest Price, GIB!

This one is more likely not available anymore

Sonett III

A project, it starts. That’s a start!


Driving condition with 2 parts cars:

This one is really nice for a bit more money


This one is growing some moss...ran when parked...parked for a really freaking long time:


A cheap project that probably has some scary surprises.


This car is both pretty and rusty at the same time:

A really nice 2 stroke costs a bit more


Yes I would like 6 96s!


This 95 will point the way forward


Low cost 2 - STROKE!! This would go together great with one Berang is selling!

I am glad the costs on these are fairly low. The #1 car on my to buy list.